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The board is made up of pairs of pictures, or Tyles as we call them, like this :

At the start of the game the board has all Tyles turned over, showing the jigsaw image :

The game is to turn over pairs of Tyles, by clicking on the Jigsaw pictures, to find the matching ones, like this :

Only two Tyles can be turned over at any one time, clicking on any more will not do anything.

If your two Tyles do not match ... can turn either one (or both) back over by clicking on it (them) again (just the envelope here) :

If your two Tyles match, then they become a bit opaque and you can select then two more Tyles :

When all Tyles are matched, you have won the game!

You can change the number of Tyles on the board with the selector under the game. We have started you on 12, but you can select 4 (easy!), 12, 16, 20, 36, 42 or if you are feeling brave, 56.

You can restart the game using the Clear Board button at the top :

Your scores are in the Past Scores section. They are saved in Cookies, so no scores are recorded by us.

Good luck!

Here is a video showing a game being played.

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